Anne the Elephant and the Power of Love

Mar 29, 2011 by

Anne the Elephant and the Power of Love   article 0 0B5B7A0900000578 710 306x445A few days ago, I wrote on the Mindscape site about the terrible plight of Anne, Britain’s last remaining circus elephant, pictured on the left, after The Animal Defenders International charity secretly filmed this poor old lady being kicked, beaten, stabbed and tortured at the winter quarters of Bobby Roberts Circus in Polebrook, Northamptonshire.

Unsurprisingly, there was a torrent of sheer disbelief and outrage when this footage was made public, but in a very short space of time, there have also been some very pleasing developments. A specialist vet from Whipsnade Zoo and some RSPCA officers visited Anne, accompanied by police officers, but sadly, I could find no mention in the press reports of the police setting their dogs on any circus staff they encountered.

Nonetheless, in addition to Whipsnade Zoo making their generous offer, Anne received offers of sanctuary from the Performing Animal Welfare Society in California and from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The actor Brian Blessed went to Downing Street, accompanied by the LibDem MP Adrian Saunders, the Conservatives’ Mark Pritchard, Labour MP Jim Dows and Alexandra Cardenas of Animal Defenders International, to unveil a campaign calling for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

I find all this extremely heartening; of course, it demonstrates the power of the internet, Animal Defenders International and the newspapers, but it also demonstrates the power of love, inasmuch as people the world over were moved by the plight of another creature with no voice of her own and they forced the authorities to take notice and to act swiftly to save her from further torture.

There’s more detail in the Daily Mail’s online report, but a photograph has also emerged of Nicolae Nitu, otherwise known as ‘Jimmy’, who was caught on film tormenting Anne. I don’t know what the police are doing as far as this individual’s concerned, but I’d just helpfully remind them once again that the taxpayer has thoughtfully provided them with truncheons, CS gas, dogs and other equipment, so it would be a crying shame not to put it all to good use at the least sign it’s needed.

Anne the Elephant and the Power of Love   article 0 0B5BE2DD00000578 300 306x423Once more, to paraphrase the lyric by Chris T.T:

“I’ve never been in favour of police brutality, but when you catch this vicious bastard, Officer, give him one from me”.

And another 50 or 60 from Anne, thank you.

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