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The thing that has to make sense even when you ignore it, or so it’s said. Well, according to science, that’s not the case.  I’m not going to recount the various theories on what reality is, but they all lead to the same conclusion. It’s not easy to define. The really wild theories about reality are no longer the property of philosophers, or mystics, they belong to the scientists.

The problem they’ve got, is that the more they try to pin ideas down to absolutes, the harder they are to accept because they fly in the face of conventional wisdom. They have no empirical truth, they are wild notions about vibrations of energy or living in holographic universes and the like.

Fascinating reading, and research no doubt, but my prediction is that theories will just get weirder and weirder.

The Anomalous

Some call it the “paranormal” which like a lot of words has been overused and has lost it’s real meaning. Anomalous activity takes place, so get over it. Unfortunately there’s two big reasons why the anomalous is dismissed. The first is that science summarily dispenses with anything that doesn’t fit within it’s framework. Historically, it hasn’t learned it’s lesson, because so many things we accept as scientific truth today, were the ideas that were ridiculed in yesteryear. As a result of scientific ignorance, research and study fell largely to the inexperienced or sensation seekers.

It could be argued that the anomalous isn’t best studied by science, because by it’s nature it is not something easily studied, nor may it fit within the confines of the scientific endeavour.

The second main reason why the anomalous is dismissed is because of the huge amount of garbage out there associated with it. For every anomalous activity, there’s at least three different explanations for it. Someone sees a shimmering figure of a person moving through a wall. So it could be a dead person, it could be residual energy, perhaps even an angel giving divine inspiration.  There are endless charlatans out there waiting to cash in on the anomalous. In the process removing the last shreds of any respectability the experience(s) had after it’s reductionist bashing from the scientists of course.

The fighting

Then there come the fights, with all the emotional baggage attached. Because belief in anything, whether that’s positive or negative attracts big emotion. What becomes apparent also is those with the loudest voices are the most ignorant.  Those who dismiss unusual events out of hand, or demand scientific proof are as ignorant as those who profess to know exactly what is behind it.  The fighting usually starts because rather than subjects being discussed openly, attacks are made on those whose thoughts differ. Science is only our best method so far, it is by no means the definitive source of truth. Its often myopic rationale leaves gaping holes in our understanding, so demanding something unusual fits the relatively small view won’t progress anything. It is becoming more like the religions it sought to replace when it comes to denigrating others belief, or persecuting those who dare to oppose it.

What won’t happen is for the anomalous to be proved by science, because that’s absurd. Those who seek the endorsement of science for this unusual activity will not see it. Those who won’t believe it until it fits within the framework of science will end up never believing it.

Which brings me back to the original thoughts on reality and what it may be. If you listen carefully to all the leading ideas regarding the nature of reality, by the scientists, it’s obvious to anyone that the anomalous as experienced now easily fits in. That’s not because it can ultimately be explained by these theories. It’s because the theories now are allowing for radical re-thinking, and some in science have conceded that such definitive explanations are out of their remit.



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