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Just a day or so ago, I was luxuriating in the sight of Anne the elephant relishing her new-found freedom in Longleat Safari Park. It was heartwarming to learn of her sheer happiness after the vile abuse she’d received at the hands of her Romanian ‘groom’ Nicolae, who has now apparently fled Britain, but my rosy glow of contentment didn’t last long.

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Earlier today, I witnessed a new low in terms of how animals are treated by some humans, when I read of the latest craze in China for imprisoning live creatures in sealed plastic bags as keyrings, or lucky charms. Lucky for the depraved vendors, but not so lucky for the doomed creatures whose misery and deaths they’re profiting from.

As I understand it, the theory is that when the creature finally succumbs to starvation or suffocation, the ‘good luck’ fairy will visit the household of the person who brought this appalling ornament. Given the horrors that are visited on countless living creatures in China every day, one would have thought that the Chinese people would be positively wallowing in good fortune, but I for one find it impossible to wish them well in any way when these depraved practises are allowed and encouraged.

All right-thinking people would surely wish to rampage through these foul market places, setting these creatures free, as the great Leonardo da Vinci once did when he came across caged birds. Perhaps he was following the example set by a certain Jesus Christ when he stormed into the temple, not just to take issue with the money-lenders, but also with those exploiting and selling little lambs and doves for sacrifice.

Sadly, it’s not possible for us to physically follow the fine example set by these two men, but if you wish to at least register your outrage and revulsion, you can do so by signing and leaving a comment on this petition site. A worldwide expression of sheer disgust changed things for Anne the elephant, so who knows?

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