2012: Who Put The Lie in Galactic Alignment?

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When did the idea of a “galactic alignment” become synonymous with 2012? It is time to analyze the origin of modern-day 2012 theories and where they came from and determine their validity. In almost a year on December 21st 2012 at 11:11 A.M. GMT it is believed to be the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Hundreds of books and lectures about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 are wafting through the public consciousness. Theories abound such as will going into the “galactic center” cause a pole shift, solar flare and coronal mass ejection? Other new-agers say it will be a spiritual ascension causing a “shift” in consciousness or will somehow “activate” their DNA and turn into light beings but who put these ideas into the public consciousness? Is it disinformation, pseudoscience or wishful thinking at best? Follow the story as a galactic version of telephone has morphed the myth over time as one meme has led to another.

2012:  Who Put The Lie in Galactic Alignment?   mayan peta de aztlan CC20 150x150Aztec representation of the Mayan Calendar

The fact is there will be a visual alignment on December 21st, 2012. That alignment is not just the Winter Solstice of 2012 but the Sun will actually visually align with the Milky Way galaxy as seen from an ancient Mayan ball court. Note that this is not an alignment with the “galactic center” or “galactic plane”.  The visual alignment alone is incredible because according to author John Major Jenkins the Mayans predicted this at least 2,100 years ago. A spectacle such as this has a 26 thousand-year cycle because of the precession of the Earth yet was predicted by an alleged primitive Mayan culture.

This is where things start to go awry. Another theory came into popular fringe culture in which the Sun and the Earth actually align with the galactic plane in a harmonic convergence. In this theory the energy from the galactic center causes higher vibrations and helps everyone ascend into a higher dimension. Many channeling websites have picked up on these buzzwords and feature “Pleiadian channelers” with promises like, “humanity’s ascension into a higher dimensional existence culminating in 2012” and some even charge high hourly fees like their psychic network friends for this information. The theory for an actual alignment with the galactic plane does not seem to be supported by any evidence, in fact, the evidence astronomers have found speaks to the contrary.

According to NASA the Sun crosses the plane of the Milky Way every 66 million years and each orbit around the galactic center takes 250 million years. This is a far cry

2012:  Who Put The Lie in Galactic Alignment?   milkyway dcysurver dave young CC20 200x300The Milky Way featuring the Galactic Center

from a precession related event which happens every 26,000 years and is only a visual angular alignment not a physical convergence on the galactic plane.

Rolf A. Jansen, a researcher at Arizona State University has on his Milky Way website, “As we are situated within the outer regions of this galaxy, only about 20 light years above the equatorial symmetry plane…”

Amara Graps at Stanford’s Solar Center said, “Passing through, it will travel to a point 250 light-years below the disk, then oscillate upwards again to reach its present position 66 million years from now. We crossed the plane 2 million years ago. We are currently in the thick of the galactic disk and our view of distant regions is largely blocked by dust but 10-20 million years from now, our motion will allow a full view of our starry galaxy.”
Also on the Stanford University website, astronomer Frank Bash estimates that the sun will be 250 light years from the galactic disc in 14 million years and the sun had crossed the galactic plane two million years ago. This means that we won’t cross the galactic plane for another 64 million years. Just a rough math estimate, it won’t be on December 21st, 2012.

Dr. Carl Sagan said in his book Cosmos that such radiation may be extremely detrimental to the planet. Sagan said that the explosion of a star or supernova within 10-20 light years of Earth would effectively generate cosmic rays which can burn atmospheric nitrogen and those oxides would remove the protective ozone layer which in turn starts frying and mutating life on Earth. Scientists believe 96 percent of all ocean life ceased to exist after this extinction event.

Even this author bought into the “galactic center ascension” theory at one point until I turned my thoughts inward to question the basis for this belief. One of the first inceptions of the galactic center theory introduced to me was in the late 90’s after watching a video by Gregg Braden called Awakening to Zero Point.
In this video (at 7 min mark) Braden mentions an astronomer by the name of Robert Stanley who allegedly discovered a photon belt in 1961 through which the Earth passes through every 26,000 years which takes two millennia to pass through and we had just begun to cross into it in what Braden calls, “The Shift of the Ages.” Though there is no direct mention of a “galactic center alignment” the talk about entering a photon belt quickly becomes melded into the nebulous theory as the next thing he mentions is the Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian, Mayan calendars all point to “this decade” when they end but unfortunately for Braden his video was produced in 1996.

2012:  Who Put The Lie in Galactic Alignment?   beamship Jim Trottier CCbySA20 150x150Why is the Galactic Center Myth tied to the Pleiades?

When searching online for references to Robert Stanley there is no real verifiable source but an article by Robert Stanley about the Photon Belt can be found here. Gregg Braden mentions that “satellites detected the photon belt” but fail to mention what satellites and the source of their data, it’s completely vague and ambiguous.

In a Google search there are 1,910,000 results for “photon belt” and of those 55,300 involve the Pleiades but why? It may be the evolution of this story as written by Shirley Kemp in 1981. In that article she describes what will happen if the Sun and Earth enter the photon belt, “The interaction between the Solar Radiation and the PHOTON BELT will make the sky look as if it is full of falling stars. As the Earth enters this radiation belt, all molecules will become excited, all atoms will change, things will become luminescent, THERE WILL BE CONSTANT LIGHT.” Microwave ovens also excite molecules however they create a completely different result. Nearly all of the websites on the topic expound the same idea. As far as academic research there is plenty of information about the Pleiades but nothing about a photon belt.

Not all New Age thinkers buy into this idea. An article by Clare Williams appears on the Salem New Age Center’s website which reveals the shocking truth about the Pleiades and the photon belt. According to Williams an article appeared in the February 1991 issue of Nexus Magazine called, “The Photon Belt Story.” She thought the article was a joke until she realized people actually took it seriously.
The story has no factual information and has turned into a mythology connected to the Pleiades star cluster is in the Bull (Taurus) constellation, pun intended.
The myth says that in 1961 satellites found the Manastic Ring or Photon Belt which surrounds the Pleiades and reaches out 400 light years into our solar system. According

2012:  Who Put The Lie in Galactic Alignment?   pleiades bobfamiliar CC20 150x150The Pleiades Constellation is only 78 million years old, Earth is 4.5 billion years old

to Jose Comas Sola the sun orbits this system in which we are in the dark for 10,000 years followed by 2,000 years of light in the Photon Belt and when this happens we are transformed into Atmosphereans.
In point of fact the Pleiades have an average age of 78 million years which is significantly younger than our own Sun and even quite younger than the Earth (4.5 billion years) which makes it doubtful that there is an advanced civilization existing there. The stars are still in a nebula of interstellar gas and since they are at such a young age it is not likely habitable planets have even formed.
As far as facts on the Photon Belt nobody can identify or verify evidence for the instrument born satellites which made this discovery in 1961. Satellites at that time were purposed for communications and operated on mainly radio wavelengths.

There will always be those that seek answers from what they believe is a higher power be it Raelians or Pleiadians. Perhaps they already have the answers and can seek enlightenment from within. There is no reason to rely on energy coming from the source and wait for our DNA to be activated to turn us into light beings. The wait is over, we can take responsibility for ourselves and perpetuate our own natural evolution and we should never stop asking questions.

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