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It has frequently been suggested that in common with the bone-chilling tales of H.P. Lovecraft and what may have inspired them, the haunting and evocative poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge describes an alien but genuine world glimpsed by its author.


It is known that Coleridge, in common with many of the intelligentsia of his day, flirted with the recreational use of opium and other narcotics and it is therefore presumed that anything written by him under the effects of this substance was merely the product of drug induced enchantment. However when the effects and visions produced by various naturally occurring hallucinogens used by shamans is taken into account, mitigating factors are introduced.


If as is claimed, the use of plant extracts like ‘Ayahuasca’ induces visions of an alternate reality, which shamans’ claim is genuine and repeatable, then the words written by Coleridge take on an utterly different and exciting perspective.

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