Media regulator spells out TV rules on ‘occult-related practices’

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Media regulator spells out TV rules on ‘occult related practices’   7SCGUxwXDveh5y6y7ahKJTl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBUQF1ynBdGblrT wPcv2AQe

However, Ofcom felt compelled to address satanism, chicken bones, and crystal balls in response to new wave of TV ads that have been viewed by impressionable British citizens.


So, thank the living Christ for Ofcom. Without them, we wouldn’t know that a crystal ball is “not in principle problematic” but should never be used to “imply a prohibited psychic practice or practice related to the occult.” The same applies to the use of chicken bones, tea leaves, and related occult “props.”And that’s just one of the many wonderful, edifying teachings brought to the civilized world by Ofcom.


Rule 15.4 relates to “explicit prohibitions” on certain psychic practices.

“Television advertisements must not promote psychic practices or practices related to the occult,” said Ofcom. “Psychic and occult-related practices include ouija, satanism, casting of spells, palmistry, attempts to contact the dead, divination, clairvoyance, clairaudience, the invocation of spirits or demons and exorcism”.

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