The Dark Messiah

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The Dark Messiah
As usual, Brian Allan looks at old problems, not just through a new lense of understanding, but through a new prism: a prism which breaks down old paradigms to filter them into a variety of possibilities and new interpretations of data.

The study of comparative religion receives a much-needed update within the pages of this book, which examines the relationships and archetypes common between religion and mystical/magical traditions with a depth and insight not seen since fellow Scotsman Sir James George Frazer’s The Golden Bough. Naturally, the modern terms “paranormal” and “Fortean” fall well within the purview of this thoughtful and insightful study of the unseen nature of consciousness and its relationship to reality.

Frazer, Sir Walter Scott, and the Rev. Robert Kirk would no doubt be proud of this monumental work by a modern son of Scotland.

Mike Mott.

You will not find a more detailed, precise, informative and entertaining read on magick anywhere, so don’t bother! Read Dark Messiah and get a real understanding of the occult. For the first time in generations, Brian sheds light on the dark world of the occult and reveals it’s secrets. An absolute must.

Phil Gardiner.

Brian’s books are a delight, but don’t read them if you want a bit of escapism. There’s nowhere to hide when Brian sets his ever-enquiring mind on unravelling the truth. There is no room for sacred cows in his byre either and everything he comes across in his research feels the full force of his courageous and intelligent attention until he has squeezed the last drop out of what there is to know. As a life-long experiencer of so-called ‘paranormal’ events it is a privilege to wholeheartedly recommend Brian Allan’s books to you.

Ellis Taylor.

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