Beyond the Singularity: This is the End of What World?

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Beyond the Singularity: This is the End of What World?   6fQy5FlnlcsmlODNeY5E3Dl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBUQF1ynBdGblrT wPcv2AQe

There comes a point in the journey of the unfoldment of consciousness when every narrative appears ridiculous. This includes so-called scientific, philosophic, and psychoanalytic discourses.


It includes, therefore, even this sort of discourse about the inanity of all discourse. The symbolic veil over the Real shreds itself like an oppressed monk setting himself on fire.

In one of the late Terence McKenna’s most famous discourses about a DMT trip he took, he emphasizes how elvish voices kept telling him, “don’t abandon yourself to amazement.” I found that amazing, in fact utterly astonishing.


He goes on to say that they commanded him to pay close attention. But one can both pay attention and be in a state of full-on astonishment at the same time. Some have taken literally his advice not to give way to amazement. But that is more often the command of the superego. How can we not be in amazement, astonishment, at every moment?

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