Could it be magic? Occult specialist Atlantis Bookshop claim lights ‘stayed on’ during blackout

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MYSTICISM and the occult have been the mainstay of the Atlantis Bookshop for the best part of a century. So when the shop overcame a street-wide power cut this week, what else could be the cause but magic?


Managers at the store, just off New Oxford Street, were startled when they saw flames shooting three feet into the air from a manhole after hearing a “quite dramatic subdued boom” on Wednesday.

But as neighbouring shops in the street were all plunged into darkness, the lights in Atlantis continued to burn.


Geraldine Beskin, whose family has run the shop for the past 50 years, said: “The lights flickered, and in the streets I could see everyone else’s go out.

But we were left intact.

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