Delve into Strange Mystery Religions

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Mystery Religion is a collective term for those religions that have central rituals which are secret and only recognized by the initiated.


Myths , beliefs and theology , however, in most cases are freely accessible for outsiders. The term mystery derives from the Greek word μυστήριον mysterion (plural mysteries) which means “dedication” or a transferred “secret”.


Mystery religions tend historically to be geographically limited in scope, although it has changed somewhat in the modern era of faster transportation and communication.


Mystery religion is a religion with an arcanum, or secret knowledge. In a mystery practiced an inner core of beliefs that is religion’s true nature and will only be revealed to those who have been initiated to find out about these secrets.


Ancient mystery in the eastern Mediterranean region were generally focused on mythical figures who’ve been to Hades and returned or otherwise exemplified death and rebirth, such as Bacchus , Orpheus , Osiris , and Tammuz .

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