Exorcist Reverend Bob Larson Talks The Devil Inside

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The world’s foremost expert on supernatural phenomena insures audiences that this is the most authentic Exorcism film ever made.


The Reverend Bob Larson claims to be the world’s leading exorcist, and the foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena. Which opens the man up to speculation and condemnation amongst the non-believers of the world. Some call him fraud, others call him Savior. Believe in his powers or not, he will beat down a demon like Mike Tyson, and he has saved the lives of many, helping to push the word of God through numerous TV appearances, self-published books, and live sermons for more than twenty years.


At first glance, this might sound like a gimmick. A viral nod at getting attention for the movie, but The Reverend Bob Larson is a real man, his super powers in the world of the damned have proven to be true, and he is not a fraud or a marketing trick. He was brought onto the upcoming horror film The Devil Inside to authenticate the demonic possessions held within its framework.


He claims this movie stands as the truest fictionalized account of a real exorcism seen to date.

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