Is Your Social Media Experience Being Controlled?

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There is a little known industry lurking in the dark recesses of the corners of the internet, especially in the United States and China, called crowdturfing.


Crowdturfing, coined by associate professor of computer science at the University of California Santa Barbara Ben Zhao, is a combination of the terms “crowdsourcing” and “astroturfing.”

Crowdsourcing means to outsource (hence the sourcing) relatively easy tasks to a large work force (hence the crowd).


Astroturfing means to artificially create what appears to be a genuine grassroots movement in support of a brand, specific product, political candidate, point of view, etc.


The authors of the report exposing these crowdturfing websites have concluded that this is a major problem in China and the United States and the astoundingly rapid growth of this money making method will “make paid shills a serious security problem for websites and those who use them around the world,” according to Technology Review.

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