The Allies and the Occult

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The epoch battle between good and evil known as the Second World War was fought on many fronts. Most historians of this global conflict have noted that occultism played a huge part in the politics and war ideology of the Third Reich. Fascist Italy’s use of esotericists and clairvoyants has been covered by a variety of scholars.


Academic researchers have also chronicled the mystical nature of the Shinto religion of Japan which heralded the Emperor as a living Sun God and offered its devotees a mythological pantheon of spirits, demons and arcane forces. Few, however, have addressed the hard fact that the leaders of the Allied Forces, both political and military, were just as heavily influenced by paranormal considerations as the Axis Powers.


It is the overriding concern of this examination to focus on the secretive, frequent and sometimes shocking use of psychics and divination practices by the Allies to wage a clandestine supernatural war against the enemies of freedom and democracy.

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