A Filter Model of Consciousness

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A filter model of consciousness is a different way of understanding how consciousness works. In current models of consciousness, the brain receives input from its environment and reacts to it. What you see is what you get. Daydreaming, hallucinations and such things are generated within the mind.


In the filter model of consciousness, the brain works with consciousness to filter a vast array of input from exterior sources and chooses which input to acknowledge. You can also phrase this differently by stating this in terms of meaning. Our consciousness gives meaning to the input from our five senses; we give meaning to most emotions that we experience; we give meaning to most of our our thoughts.


But we don’t give meaning to absolutely every stimuli that comes through our five senses; we don’t give meaning to every emotion nor to every single thought we have. We shut some things out. We can tune our ears to noise that is meaningful and shut out noise that is not. We stop hearing the hum of traffic in the background; the song playing on the radio while we’re concentrating on something else; a background smell that permeates the air. We are very, very good at filtering out data that is superfluous to us.

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