Megalithomania 2012

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Megalithomania 2012

Join us for the next UK Megalithomania Conference on 12th – 13th May 2012, with speakers including Michael Cremo (from the US), Robin Heath, Klaus Dona (from Austria), Brien Foerster (from Peru), Bob Trubshaw, John Neal, Meghan Rice, Andrew Gough, Kate Masters, Hugh Newman and more. Plus tours to Dartmoor, Avebury, Stonehenge (private access) and around the sacred landscape of Glastonbury. Click here for More info and early-bird tickets.

Megalithomania 2012   Michael CremoMICHAEL CREMO (from the US) – Extreme Antiquity of the Human Race
Michael A. Cremo has a Ph.D in science and theology & has presented at the World Archeological Congress, European Association of Archeologists, the International Congress for History of Science, the Royal Institution in London, the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow & universities around the world. Dr. Cremo is the principal author of the book Forbidden Archeology, a comprehensive survey of archeological evidence consistent with Vedic accounts of extreme human antiquity. The abridged edition titled, The Hidden History of the Human Race, has been translated into twenty languages. He is also the author of’Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory and most recently The Forbidden Archaeologist.

Megalithomania 2012   robinheathROBIN HEATH – Bluestone Magic: Sacred Stones of Wales
Previously a senior lecturer and college department head, Robin, a regular speaker at Megalithomania and prolofic author, has taught surveying, navigation and mathematics for over 25 years. An internationally published author on astronomy, sacred geography and the megalithic culture of Europe, Robin has lectured on the sacred geography module at Bath Spa University College and teaches astronomy at an Oxford University FAS summer school. His books include Sun, Moon & Stonehenge, Bluestone Magic, The Measure of Albion (with John Michell) & Stonehenge (Wooden Books).

Megalithomania 2012   2012 klaus donaKLAUS DONA (from Austria) – Mysterious Artifacts from Secret Collections
Being a specialist in culture and art exhibitions, Klaus’ attention was automatically drawn to a phenomenon called ‘Ooparts’ – out of place artifacts. These are artifacts that should not exist according to current science. After a ten year preparation, he decided to set up an exhibition of 470 of these (Ooparts) pieces, which he called ”Unsolved Mysteries”. this includedpieces from places such as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and many other countries. Museums usually bury these in their basements to avoid raising uncomfortable questions & a large portion of the pieces are scattered around the world and held in secret private collections. Klaus Dona has been able to research more than 3500 pieces, all of which have no logical explanation ….until now.

Megalithomania 2012   JOHN NEAL – Ancient Metrology
John Michell Memorial Lecture, hosted by Christine Rhone

Restorer, with John Michell, of Ancient Metrology as a coherent system of measures, based upon fractional variations of what came to be called the English foot. His classic book All Done with Mirrors details the system and covers many locations and examples. His later works have been essays & booklets exploring how monumental building continued to be based upon choice of a varied foot length rather than construction using a single type of measure or an arbitrary standard length.

Megalithomania 2012   2012 brienBRIEN FOERSTER (from Peru) – The Enigma of the Elongated Skulls
After completing an Honours Bachelor Of Science degree, Brien took up traditional wood carving and sculpture at the age of 25. In 1995 he moved to Maui, Hawaii, and was hired as assistant project manager for the building of the 62 foot double hull sailing canoe (ancestor of the modern day catamaran) Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani (Sacred Lizard That Pierces The Heavens.) Peru became his next major area of interest, where he has been researching the elongated skull phenomenon and the pre-Inca megalithic sites for a decade. Brien is a regular on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and was the tour leader for the recent Megalithomania tour in November 2011. Brien has been made the cultural ambassador for the municipality of Paracas, with a mandate to expand the global awareness of the 10,000 years of human habitation of the area. He has written several books on ancient Peru, see:

MEGHAN RICE – Sheela-Na-Gigs of Ancient Britain
Meghan has studied history both in the United States and at King’s College London and is furthering her education with a PhD. Academically her background is in history and archaeology, but Meghans great love is studying various aspects of magic, spirituality, and world mythology. She is also a certified herbalist in the United States where she grew up, through the Green Witch School of Herbalism in Salem, Massachusetts. She has also studied holistic midwifery and has been researching the enigma of the Sheela-Na-Gigs for several years

ANDREW GOUGH – The Sacred Bee in Prehistory
Megalithomania 2012   2012 andyGAndrew is Editor in Chief of a newly launched esoteric and ancient mystery focused print magazine, ‘Mindscape Magazine’, Chairman of The Rennes Group, Europe’s longest running research society dedicated to the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, and former Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences. He has also made significant contributions to the bestselling books, The Dan Brown Companion and the The Ancient Code, where he writes about the Sacred Honey Bee. Andrew is an experienced TV presenter has made several documentaries, including the soon to be released, The Truth Behind King Arthur for National Geographic. He also stars in the Warner Brothers esoteric thrillers, The Stone and Paranormal Haunting: The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn, each of which are released in 2011.

Megalithomania 2012   2012 BTrubshaw BOB TRUBSHAW – Singing up the Country: The Song-Lines of Avebury and Beyond
A prolific author on all things earth mysteries and founder of Heart of Albion Press, Bob was instrumental in forming the Mercian Mysteries Group and its magazine, which turned him on to a new magazine named “At The Edge” in 1996. This was a short-lived periodical, and after ten issues merged with “3rd Stone” magazine in 1998 under the editorship of Neil Mortimer.

Megalithomania 2012   2008 kateKATE MASTERS – Ancient Stones of the Orkneys & Shetlands
Kate Masters is an artist with a life-long obsession with sacred sites, and she has worked on these themes in her art for many years. This led her in 2007 to renovate a sixteenth century barn in the Mayenne in France, which has prompted a particular interest in this unexplored region. In 2008 she did a talk about the megaliths of that area, but since moving to Edinburgh, Kate has been exploring northern Scotland and the outer islands that hold some of the most impressive megalithic sites on the planet. Her ancestors hail from the Glastonbury area, and she has co-led tour groups along the ridgeway with her father. Kate also coordinates the Megalithic Art Gallery at Megalithomania every year.

Megalithomania 2012   hugh megaHUGH NEWMAN – Megaliths & Earth Energies of South America
Hugh Newman is an earth mysteries researcher who organises the Megalithomania Conferences & tours, co-edits Avalon Rising magazine and coordinates talks, films and workshops at numerous festivals. He has researched the Indigo child phenomenon and published a book on the subject. His most recent book, Earth Grids – The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites, has been published by Wooden Books. He is an honorary member of The Antiquarian Society and has spoken at conferences in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, South Africa and North America. He has twice travelled around South America, most recently with David Hatcher Childress & Brien Foerster on the Megalithomania Grand Tour to Peru in November 2011. See his full profile, other DVDs and interviews here

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