New Swabia and Mysteries of the Chronos Project

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New Swabia and Mysteries of the Chronos Project   eye eyeThe sweeping plans of Nazileaders and the Fuhrer himself, as well as their robust imagination far more open to esoteric and mystical knowledge than that displayed by the Allies, were but a step from turning the tides and changing the course of World War II.

It all started with the mystical society known as “Thule”, whose chief objective was to gather information on ancient technologies dating back to long dead civilisations. Even if Hitler himself had not been a member of the organisation, of which we cannot be sure, it is certain that he was profoundly interested in its work, which became evident after he’d authorised the association’s research in Tibet, both in the high mountain ranges and in the ancient books and manuscripts scattered among countless Tibetan and Hindu monasteries. It was on his orders that the scientists, under close scrutiny by the military, attempted to unravel the secrets of reincarnation, astral journeys, and inter-dimensional travel. They were most intrigued by the mentions of the legendary underground city of Shangri-La, also known as Shambala. The search for the mythical city was lead by Dr. Ernst Scheaffer, between 1940-1943 a high ranking SS officer. The German researchers were convinced that the city was the construction site for flying disks that the ancients knew as “vimanas”. Parallel investigations of similar nature were simultaneously conducted in the Near East, South America, and .. the Antarctic.

On the Fuhrer’s order, on January 28th 1938, one of the 3rd Reich’s ships named “Schwabenland” reached the shores of Queen Maud Land and claimed the territory using German planes which laid it with a massive amount of Nazi flags and plaques. The area was renamed Neuschwabenland, i.e. New Swabia.

Allegedly, it was there that some of the German military personnel took shelter after the war, most likely underground, bringing their amazing technologies and research with them.

With that in mind, only eight years later and almost immediately after the official end of WWII, on December 2nd1946, in secret from the American public, the US Army begun their preparations for a military operation aimed at Antarctica. A carefully selected task force left their US base onboard the “Philipine Sea” aircraft carrier accompanied by destroyers, two transport ships, two hydroplanes, and a submarine. They were crewed by almost 4000 men, including 3500 officers, sailors and marines, 300 members of the non-military personnel and 25 scientists. On reaching their destination, the Americans managed to detect several underwater vessels that would not respond to any radio transmissions. Moreover, they seemed to vanish inexplicably every time an attempt was made to near them. Small underwater scout vessels sent to locate them never made it back to their mother ship. A group of soldiers charged with penetrating the stretch of land where a strange UFO was spotted taking off, was also lost without a trace. Their report on mysterious tunnels found in the ice was literally cut off in mid sentence. Admiral Byrd, who was in charge of the operation, was forced to abort the operation and withdraw from the area.

Can it be true that the Germans truly had a secret military base in the Antarctic?

Before his death, Byrd wrote in his memoirs that during a reconnaissance flight , his own plane had been intercepted by flying saucers and forced to land, as all the onboard equipment was suddenly rendered useless. On the ground, he was approached by a group of beings of a Nordic outlook, and given a stern warning that should the hostile American expedition refuse to return to the US immediately, they would be destroyed.

Eye witnesses of the Antarctica incident who later reported seeing the flying objects that attacked the American forces, claimed that they were similar in shape to the characteristic British military helmets.

In light of the above, the fact that in 1947the US interest in all matters related to Unidentified Flying Objects (the Blue Book – Grudge programme) suddenly greatly intensified, becomes rather understandable and logical. Particularly coupled with the fact that between 1947 and 1952 the Americans managed to secure at least 16 “alien” crafts, which had either crashed or been shot down. Certain new evidence seems to indicate that in at least some of the cases, the ‘aliens’ may in fact have been German pilots or their Arian allies shot down in their antigravity vehicles.

Could a military power of such prominence as the USA have just accepted being defeated in the Antarctic?

Naturally, the Americans could not simply let go of the fact that they were so utterly overwhelmed, however, the preparations for the second military mission to Antarctica were delayed by the war in Korea, and it was not until 1954 that they could finally get under way. The new expedition was codenamed Operation Deepfreeze. Due to some information leaking out, a rumour cropped up that the Americans were planning to deploy nuclear weapons, which was strongly protested by countries such as Chile, New Zealand, and Argentina. However, what the rest of the world didn’t realise was that the weapons were to be used against the basessheltering Nazi refugees. Unfortunately, at this point we came against an impregnable shroud of secrecywhich a whole generation of researchers, sensationalists and seekers of the truth have been trying to penetrate.

The operation officially ended in 1957, with the mysterious and untimely death of Commodore Admiral Byrd. Nothing certain is known about whether or not the Americans managed to destroy the bases, what losses they suffered, or even ultimately who emerged victorious from the battle for underground dominance.

We can of course presume that the Americans were successful, at least to a certain degree, in overcoming the German resistance and acquiring certain devices and flying anti-gravitational vehicles. These assumptions are supported by the accounts of individuals claiming to have seen in American bases certain aircraft similar to those developed by the Germans, as well as other advanced German technologies (Area 51, Hangar 18, Groom Lake).

By the end of the war, the Germans managed to build a working prototype of an “intelligent” bomb controlled by means of television images.They were already conducting tests on stealth “flying wing” fighters. And most importantly, they had at their disposal the V7 plane, i.e. the flying saucer.

What was the history of the flying saucer?

Initial works started in the early 1920s in Augsburg. Eventually, after over a decade of intensive research, a prototype was built, whose surface, when in flight, emitted light in a way similar to that observed in classic UFOs. After the initial success, each subsequent version of the craft would be fitted with machine guns ensuring its battle readiness. In 1939, the first full size craft was tested under the codename Haunebu I. Test results were promising enough for the project to be immediately promoted to the next stage, resulting in the second prototype version, Haunebau II. This craft was capable of hovering in the air and could reach the maximum speed of a staggering 6000 km/h. The first flight of the German UFO took place in the winter of 1942. The name of the research project was Chronos.

The core group of constructors working on “Fuhrer’s flying machines” comprised a team of engineers: Habermohl, Schriver, Mithe, and Bellonzo. They worked under Prof. Victor Schauberger, who was at a certain point offered 3 million dollars by the Americans for letting them in on the secret of the engine’s construction. He did not, however, accept the proposal. Once the Red Army marched in, all the equipment was disassembled and transported to Siberia. Allegedly, the Russians were able to eventually build some disks of their own. After all, apart from the prototype, they also had in their hands three of the original constructors, Schriver, Mithe, and Habermohl. The scientists managed to escape to the USA several years later, and became the best guarded detainees of the CIA, with all their testimonies deemed highly classified.

In itself, the Chronos project was the most secretive scientific programme of the 3rd Reich, as well as one of the highest priority. A part of the work done involved nuclear technology. It is also said that Hitler dreamt of conquering the outer space. In fact, it cannot be utterly excluded that a scientific mission to the Moon had possibly been undertaken. This, naturally, would thwart the American claims to being the first up there.

In recent years, yet another secret of the highly advanced technologies tested by German scientists has been revealed. Certain astoundingly ambitious plans dating back to World War II were uncovered. They pertained to the construction of an orbital space station, and were developed at the Zeppelin factory under the codename “Andromeda-Gerat”.

At this point an obvious question comes to mind. How did the Germans come by such advanced technologies?

Modern day German ufologists claim that before World War II, the Nazis managed to come in contact with a highly advanced race, a civilisation originating from the system of Aldebaran, as well as with the underground civilisation of the Arianni in the Arctic. Other esoteric sources suggest that they were also aided by yet another extraterrestrial civilisation, somewhat hostile towards our planet, whose outposts are located under the pyramids in Egypt. We know from Billy Meier’s accounts that Hitler made contact with the intelligence of Giza. Certain sources conclude that the alien civilisations’ agenda was aimed at the abolition of any national independences and the establishment of the so called global order in all matters economic, political and religious. To that end, they attempted to exercise their influence over Hitler and his men, as a means of gaining global dominance. It has been claimed that the same renegade human powers are now involved in the so called New World Order scenario, which strives to introduce another model of global dictatorship…


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