Proof: TheAlexJonesChannel losing thousands of subscribers by design

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Proof: TheAlexJonesChannel losing thousands of subscribers by design   6EVC86sMD1J6CqXTGystRDl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBV9ip2J1EIeUzA9paTSgKmv

We have found evidence and archived it proving that The Alex Jones Channel (TheAlexJonesChannel YouTube user) is being attacked by a new form of censorship. That form of censorship is losing subscribers by design. Now how can losing subscribers be such a bad thing on YouTube? I’ll tell you.


First of all YouTube’s entire ‘Most Popular’ channels algorithm relies on a list of different factors including how many comments a channel and their videos get, how many views their videos and main channel page gets, and even how many subscribers a channel gets. If YouTube is literally removing subscribers without their knowledge then they are violating their users right to subscribe the the channels they want to watch and is a new form of online attack and censorship against it’s users. Subscribers are also notified when they login, then head to the front page of YouTube, and then can be able to see what is new from the channels that they subscribe to.

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