Hawley’s Graves, the Forgotten Treasures of Stonehenge

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“Although a large number of artefacts from the excavations at Stonehenge remain in museum collections, those that survive for examination represent only a fraction of the total recovered. It is now almost impossible to quantify what proportion of the total is extant, since material was discarded at several stages by the principal excavators and some pieces known to have been kept by them can no longer be traced. It is known, for instance, that Hawley reburied a considerable quantity in a series of pits located to the south-east of the monument. The position of these ‘Graves’, as he termed them, is known and they are visible on some aerial photographs taken at the time (see Fig 11, above). Precisely what went into these pits is not known, nor how the material was redeposited, but here it presumably remains….”

Hawley’s Graves, the Forgotten Treasures of Stonehenge

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