Mindscape Issue 1

Mindscape Issue 1
Dumbing down, herding cattle, following like sheep, lambs to the slaughter. Just a few of the phrases often typed into forums across the world. Why? Is it because the mass media is owned and controlled by the few? Are we force-fed simple sound-bites of propaganda by politicians, religious and business leaders? Why do we sit and stare in our millions at TV wannabees who have no talent and then rush out and feed the machine of marketing men by purchasing their singles?

Not too long ago, man sat in the church on Sunday and did pretty much the same thing. He listened to instructions and orders from the men in drag and more often than not didn’t even understand the Latin in which they spoke. So he looked around at the stained glass windows – stories made simple so the masses could understand and follow. God was the top and his men in frocks did his bidding and gave authority to Kings. But what if there was no God?

Then mankind has been following the power hungry creation from within the minds of men who believed themselves better than the rest. Today it is owners of newspapers, music labels and TV channels. They feed us rubbish and we tune in. Gaping at their pretty pictures and worshipping newly created deities. But, if history teaches us anything, it is that man very often rebels. You feed him poison for too long and he fights back.

Help us spread the word. There is a new mindscape that respects the old and wonders about the future; that looks to the heavens, but with awe not imaginative worship; that questions everything and seeks out the answers; that quite simply, refuses to be like everybody else.


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