Mindscape Issue 2

Mindscape Issue 2   mindscape issue2 websizedChange is the only constant in life. Never mind that it is accelerating faster than ever before. Historically  speaking,  the  internet  followed the  invention  of  the  15th  Century  printing press  relatively  quickly.

Both  revolutionised their  age.    While  one  introduced  arcane secrets to initiates, the other did something truly profound; it empowered the masses. Six  degrees  of  separation,  or  the  notion that we are related to everyone else in the world  by  the  lineages  of  just  six  people,was  introduced  almost  100  years  ago  by the  Hungarian  poet  Frigyes  Karinthy,  and popularised by the American playwright John Guare in his 1990 play of the same name. I believe that knowledge and wisdom work in much the same way.

What I mean is that everyone is capable of making a discovery, solving a great historical puzzle, or achieving new spiritual awakenings, thanks  to  the  insights  and  experiences  of others. This is why we must share our ideas without fear of ridicule. Mindscape Magazine is a pallet that has been designed to facilitate this, and I hope that its collection of new and established voices will inspire you to question the dogma, challenge the truth and all those other  new  age  clichés  that  we  loath  and dread.

And while I’m at it, here is another.

Why  settle  for  thinking  laterally  when  you could think upside down? Hell, Mindscape is your  brain  upside  down,  inside-out  and  on fire. Welcome to the inferno. I hope you tell six of your friends to join us.


What is the Future of Love?
Just for Birds and Hippies
The Science of Imaginary Solutions
News From Down Under
Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General
Shambhala Warrior
In Search of Lost Gods
Corjans Birds Eye
Leaving Lord Street
God, Santa Claus and the Alien
Bad Science
Spinning the Wheel of the Year
For Brando
Firechilds Fears of a Clown
Mitchells Wyrd World
Heavy G’s Oddworld
The Beast 666
Arthur Brown Interview
How Did Hell Get So Hot

America and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Scam or Not: Ghost Hunting Events
Meet the Ancestors
Inside the Mind of Corjan
Om Mani Padme Omelette and Fries
Hooks – Why Am I So Tired?
Unknown Elementalist
The Real Grail Trail
The Limiations of Language
Cats Prayer
The Sacred Bee
Feathers Forum
Wes Dolan
ET Call Home
Singing in the Changes
The Werewolf Hunter
Beyond the Tomb
2012: Prophetic or Pathetic
A Dog Isn’t For Christmas




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