Mindscape Issue 3

Mindscape Issue 3
Without our unique human consciousness, you and I would be sitting in a tree eating bananas. Tempting as that sounds after a journey on the London Underground in a suit at the height of summer, my consciousness makes me aware of the vastness and complexity of the universe. The ability to think beyond the next banana is a gift.

We’re all guilty of taking this gift for granted. The moments of sheer awe and elation we experience when we make this discovery or connection between elements of the mystery, balances out the less pleasant elements of consciousness. Like doing your taxes or sitting in a sweaty underground box beneath a city. One person who never stops making connections is Anthony Peake. An author and explorer in the largest, least discovered realm in the known universe: Peake’s work on Near Death Experiences and immortal consciousness make fascinating and provocative reading.

As long as we’ve been a conscious species, we have been plagued by horrible visions and terrifying apparitions. We know, or at least most of us believe now that these things are not real, at least in the basic sense of the word. But still we regularly experience ghosts, demons and alien beings in our sleep, and on the fringes of consciousness, and even in broad daylight. But is it all a trick of the mind? Nick Pope, the ‘Man from the Ministry’ who spent twenty years investigating UFOs and reports of aliens, spoke to us about some of the fascinating cases of contact from unidentified conscious beings in Australia.

Sadly, I don’t have space to go into all of the fascinating articles this magazine contains because quite simply, there are so many of them! This is a truly independent magazine, a rare commodity these days, and a truly exciting prospect. Mindscape, there’s a whole universe in there.


Editor’s Message: The Mystery of Consciousness - Andrew Gough

Hard science and spirited exploration; editor Andrew Gough talks us through some of the magazine’s contributors for this issue.

Megalithomaniac in New England - Hugh Newman

Stone circles, dolmens and ancient tombs are not just found in Europe: An exploration of the incredible ancient sites in North America.

Heart of Darkness: Part 1 - Dennis Price

A thrilling account of an American ship stranded next to Sentinel Island, home to some of the most primitive and hostile people on earth. ‘Wild men’ with home-made weapons constructed boats on the beach to row over and kill the stricken crew – how did they survive?

Sleep flower: Cult of the Poppy - Layla Randle-Conde

Opium and mythology, death and dreaming. How Morphine and its symbolism are seamlessly woven into our culture and consciousness.

Feather’s Forum: The Jesus Box – Real or Fake? - Robert Feather

The alleged bones of Christ were once stored atop a toilet in a collector’s house. How did ‘The Jesus Box’, potentially the most sacred relic of Christianity fall so spectacularly from grace?

Orientations: The Gospel of Judas - Robert Eisenman

More scholarly exposition on ancient mysteries, as renowned Dead Sea scrolls scholar Robert Eisenman shines the light of truth and logic upon the archetypal traitor Judas Iscariot.

Mythical Stones & Legends - Andrew Gough

Mecca, the Blarney Stone and Eschenbach’s grail: Exploring the myths & origins of sacred stones with editor Andrew Gough. What connects upside-down archetypes such as Odin and Saint Peter, with the Oracle Stone of Delphi and Westminster Abbey?

The Land of the Moon Stallion - Richard Webster

The Uffington Horse is an ancient equine figure carved into a hill in England. What is its significance, and how does it relate to an ancient Goddess of death and rebirth?

Alien Big Cats - Alexandra Fedora

Alien Big Cats or ABC’s have allegedly been mauling livestock from medieval times until the present day.

News From Down Under - Nick Pope

The ‘Man from the Ministry’ UFO expert Nick Pope examines some of the extra-terrestrial sightings and news from Australia.

Demons of Consciousness - Susan Blackmore

Consciousness expert Doctor Susan Blackmore applies scientific principles to the phenomena of sleep paralysis and alien abduction. Persinger’s ‘God Helmet’ and ‘Old Hag’ syndrome are just some of the topics touched upon in this fascinating, rare interview.

Previewing the Enfield Poltergeist - Damon Simms

A family besieged by a terrifying poltergeist in Enfield, UK, and a rare glimpse into an ordinary household in the grip of a modern supernatural horror. The director of the movie based on the true story shares some thoughts and insights on the famous case.

The Peake Experience: The Physics of Consciousness - Anthony Peake

Are we more than our physical bodies? Author Anthony Peake’s controversial and brilliant theories have changed the way many people view consciousness, life and existence. How does particle physics relate to Sanskrit wisdom? Can consciousness travel outside the brain? And perhaps most fundamental of all philosophical questions, are we something other than simply the sum of our physical parts?

Heeding the Call - Dawn Bramadat

Voyages of initiation and journeys of the soul – spiritual guru Dawn Bramadat explains how the ancient practice of pilgrimage could hold the key to inner peace in tumultuous times.

Living on Light - Kerry Beeson

Nutritional Therapist Kerry Beeson explores the idea of ‘living on light’ and existing on spiritual energy. Myth or miracle?

Fluoride – Sparkling Smiles or Perfect Poison? - Sara Dean

The very additive that is supposed to help us is said by some to be a deadly poison. Serious health problems have been associated with the chemical Fluoride, so why is it added to our drinking water?

Stress Bomb - Antonia Harman

Did you know that you are more likely to be assaulted if you are seriously stressed-out? Why do we cause ourselves problems by procrastinating and being late? These and other sticky issues are explored in this article by healer Antonia Harman.

The Fallout from Fukushima - Samantha Carr

The meltdown of a nuclear plant should have horrific consequences for centuries to come, right? Samantha Carr takes a fresh look at the latest nuclear disaster & asks: Is this is a cover up?

Spiritual Assassin: How to Spot a Cult - Anaiya Aon Prakasha

From the obvious signs of unquestioning loyalty and blind acceptance, to subtle behaviour modification and altered diets. How to spot a cult in 20 steps.

Sociopaths – A Spotters Guide - Michael Bourne

How genuine psychopaths slip under our radars.

Can I take My Laptop into the Ritual With Me? - James Denning

Is there a place for your laptop in the sacred circle? Contemporary Pagan James Denning argues that modern technology is just as relevant as fire and stones. Does 21st century technology detract from or enhance your connection with the ‘Old Ways’?

America’s Harried Hemp History - John Dvorak

Once upon a time it was illegal not to grow Hemp. This article explores the dramatic downfall of hemp as a cash crop, and how it may undergo a huge revival.

Secret Societies that Never Were - Miguel Connor

Best-selling author Miguel Connor presents a cynical and humorous explanation of the true lies and pious fabrications behind shadowy societies and famous conspiracies.

UFO Disclosure? My A*rse! Why official disclosure can’t and won’t happen - James Beeson

What are they not telling us? There is a detailed and documented paper trail of official interest in UFOs. Do the powers that be believe in extra-terrestrials?

The Lost Technology Evidence of Advanced Ancient Sky-Mapping - Madlen Namro

A two-thousand year old mechanism unearthed from a shipwreck forces researchers to re-examine their beliefs about ancient scientists.

The Moore Show Interview: Beyond the Sky - Sir Patrick Moore

Britain’s best-loved Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore discusses his career and the Universe with the host of the controversial chat show. Meeting Einstein and being one of the first people to see the dark side of the moon are just some of the fascinating insights into the life and career of a national treasure.

A Weigh of Life - Dan Green

An irreverent take on life, the universe and everything.


Mindscape Issue 3

Mindscape Issue 3




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