Mindscape Issue 4

Mindscape Issue 4
Life can seem like a corridor of doorways; some open wide, some shut, others merely ajar. Some doors we walk through confidently, others we enter cautiously, pensively looking around, unsure if the portal we are entering is right for us.

Helicopter pilot Captain Robert Fore opened a doorway of terror when he found himself face to face with the most ancient, isolated and hostile tribe on the planet. Thirty years on, Dennis Price reopens the passage with a fascinating interview, and one that is not for the squeamish. The spiritualist and shamanic healer Dawn Bramadat opened a portal in the Orkneys with her mind, and ritual. What she discovered was both moving and ancient. The celebrated Professor of Middle East Religions and Biblical Archaeology, Robert Eisenman, opens the door of truth on the identity of the biblical James, the alleged brother of Jesus Christ, and reminds us that personal and political agendas are often at the core of many so called ‘discoveries’ in the ancient world. Copper scroll and spear of destiny expert Robert Feather reminds us how common it was for the ancients to leverage drugs as a vehicle to opening doors that were otherwise invisible.

Consciousness visionary Anthony Peake tells us about an ancient piece of mythology that he calls ‘Cheating The Ferryman’. The mind is a mystery like no other and the countless doors to the recesses of our unconsciousness remind us not only how many possibilities life affords us, but also who is the creator.

Mindscape Magazine, like your own mind, contains all sorts of doors. I hope you enter the many portals of discovery in this and every issue.


News - Andrew Gough

Peculiar news items from the worlds of mind, mystery and ancient history.

Chemtrails; Myth or Monster? - James Beeson

Terrifying chemical conspiracy or paranoid urban myth? Do our governments have a secret agenda?

What is Paganism? - James Denning

A 21st century British Pagan explains what it means to carry the ‘old ways’ into the future.

Tomb of the Eagles, Orkney Islands - Dawn Bramadat

A pilgrimage to one of the UK’s most powerful sacred sites. Spiritual guru Dawn Bramadat works with portals and connects with the spirits of its ancient temples.

The Road and the Travelling Soul - Layla Randle-Conde

From shrines and ghosts to altered states and trances. An exploration of the symbolism of The Road, both ancient and modern.

The Red Pill Diaries Secret Societies That Never Were - Miguel Connor

Alleged secret societies, and conspiracies that are not all they appear. Freemasonry, Knight’s Templars, Rossyln Chapel and shape-shifting lizards are all targeted in this entertaining expose.

The Moore Show Interviews - David Icke

Is the world banking system about to collapse? A retrospective of David Icke’s 21 year journey, and his controversial views on the global economic meltdown, and the Illuminati that manipulate the wealth of nations.

Feather’s Forum: Well Blow My Mind - Robert Feather

Robert Feather explains how drugs such as DMT and opium have long been used to enhance creativity. From ancient shamans to Led Zeppelin, discover how drugs have shaped our consciousness and culture.

The Devil’s Sack of Earth - Richard Webster

Where does the Boogie Man come from? A Wiltshire Hill and an ancient, evil, angry spirit may hold the key to this ubiquitous myth.

Fields of Gold - Martyn Hicks

Who or what made a crop circle right next door to the UK Prime-Minister’s residence? Has anybody actually seen a genuine circle being created? Why did the BBC show the wrong footage of UFO activity to the public? Explore the fascinating world of crop circle creation with Martyn Hicks.

The Peake Experience - Cheating the Ferryman - Anthony Peake

Legendary consciousness guru Anthony Peake argues that each and every one of us may cheat death. Near-death experiences and the déjà vu phenomena are examined from a fascinating new angle. Prepare to be amazed.

Acting Like Animals - S.D. Tucker

Shamanistic shape-shifting into animal forms. Witches, wolves and goat-men.

On the Trail of Atlantean Miners - Madlen Namro

Did the seafarers of ancient Atlantis leave behind tools and engravings? What is the origin of an ancient harbour discovered on the Strait of Gibraltar only thirty years ago? Striking similarities in art thousands of miles apart, and ancient maps of the sky are just a few of the pieces of the Atlantean puzzle explored in this article.

In Camelot - Andrew Gough

Mindscape editor Andrew Gough takes a helicopter ride with National Geographic to Camelot and beyond. Is the ‘Arthur Stone’ genuine? Was he a person, many people? Or simply a myth? And what strange secrets lie hidden in the basement of celebrity haunt and Scientology base, the Camelot Hotel? From Glastonbury Abbey and the zodiac to JFK’s personal take on the legend, this journey to the heart of Camelot is a spiritual as well as historical take on the complex and multi-layered myth.

Hearts of Darkness Part 2 - Dennis Price

A Rare Interview with Captain Robert Fore.A thrilling account of an American ship stranded next to Sentinal Island, home to some of the most primitive and hostile people on earth. ‘Wild men’ with home-made weapons constructed boats on the beach to row over and kill the stricken crew – how did they survive?

An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying - Sara Dean

Shamanic journeys to the Spirit world via ayahuasca and drumming. An exploration of the three interconnected worlds of the Shaman.

The Choccy Horror Show - Kerry Beeson

A Nutritional Therapist delves into the historical, cultural and psychological properties of one of the world’s favourite snacks.

The Lincoln Cathedral Code - Dan Green

Does a cathedral in the British midlands hold the secrets to the mysteries of Rennes le Chateau, and the alleged murder of Mary Magdalene?

Orientations - Robert Eisenman

The scholar that revealed the truth of the Dead Sea Scrolls questions the authenticity of a controversial relic. Did Christ have a brother? Whose ancient remains were interred in the James Ossuary? Genuine relic or deliberate hoax?

Common Purpose Under the Coalition - Samantha Carr

The Orwellian undercurrent of the seemingly innocuous phrase ‘Common Purpose’. Is there a dark side to the success of the international charity?

The Neutral Point - Gary Osborn

Sine waves and time cycles, birth and rebirth. Renowned alternative history author Gary Osborn delves into the significance of ‘transliminal phases’.

X-Posed: Whispers of Conspiracy - Layla Randle-Conde

Where were the police in the London riots, why are the bees dying and who killed Amy Winehouse? The top ten internet rumours.


Mindscape Issue 4
Mindscape Issue 4




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