Did The Ancient People Of Peru Have Machines?

Apr 27, 2012 by

“the Ancient People of Peru used machines. The fit and finish of the blocks and that drill hole are too ‘perfect’ to have been done by hand. In terms of the hole, with the 2 longitudinal striations running down the beginning of the hole, I wonder if they used some sort of hydraulic ram to [...]

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3,000 Ancient Buddhas Unearthed in China

Apr 19, 2012 by

Found at the site of an ancient Chinese city, the 1,500-year-old statues—some life-size—may have been buried by temple officials. The discovery is believed to be the largest of its kind since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, an archaeologist with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told reporters in late March, [...]

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Origin of Ancient Jade Tool Baffles Scientists

Apr 19, 2012 by

An international team of archaeologists and geologists has found an extremely unusual example of jade in the Southwest Pacific, thousands of miles away from the nearest known geological source. The small green artifact is about 3,300 years old and has a chemical composition that is unlike any other described jade. See it on Scoop.it, via [...]

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Swedish Stonehenge? Ancient Stone Structure Spurs Debate

Apr 19, 2012

The megalithic stone structure may have been used as an astronomical calendar.Archaeologists generally agree this megalithic structure, known as Ales Stenar (“Ale’s Stones”), was assembled about 1,000 years ago, near the end of the Iron Age, as a burial monument. But a team of researchers now argues it’s really 2,500 years old, dating from the [...]

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Ancient walled city, older than Egypts pyramids, unearthed off Georgia coast

Apr 11, 2012

Six hours southeast of Atlanta off the Georgia coast on Sapelo Island, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient walled city which predates the construction of Egypt’s pyramids. Known as the Sapelo Shell Ring Complex, this ancient city was constructed around 2300 B.C. and featured three neighborhoods each surrounded by circular walls twenty feet [...]

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Ancient Sites & Solar Changes

Mar 21, 2012

See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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Experts Are Baffled by Mysterious Ancient Markings In Jerusalem

Mar 19, 2012

Experts Are Baffled by These Mysterious Ancient Markings Found In Jerusalem by Gizmodo UK. An excavation in a part of Jerusalem known as the City of David has uncovered stone markings that date back thousands of years. See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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Ancient Egyptians in Australia! Could Mysterious Engravings Rewrite our History?

Mar 09, 2012

We are convinced that close to this site, and never before seen by non-Aboriginals until discovered very recently, is a rock platform covered with a set of sacred engravings of considerable significance. On this large platform we saw a fish, serpent, massive dolphin or whale, circles and a variety of shapes and symbols.   Without [...]

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Continuing Evidence For Landbridges And Longrange Oceanic Crossings in Ancient Times

Feb 29, 2012

When proponents of neo-Darwinism “speculate” about the “luck” and “chance” needed to explain this “amazing” phenomenon and “challenging” biegeographical data, it’s clear that they are lacking reasonable explanations. Yet rafting or other means of “oceanic dispersal” have been suggested to solve a number of other biogeographical conundrums that challenge neo-Darwinism. See it on Scoop.it, via [...]

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The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies Which Have Influenced Modern Masonic Symbolism

Feb 28, 2012

WHEN confronted with a problem involving the use of the reasoning faculties, individuals of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon the question. Those of immature mentality, on the other hand, when similarly confronted, are overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle [...]

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