Did Ancient Humans Have Knowledge of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum?

Feb 10, 2012 by

It has been suggested, at various times, that ancient humans had knowledge and use of unseen powers, forces and energy fields. Could these unseen forces and fields consist of electromagnetic frequency waves and particle fields that make up the EM Spectrum?   This is not a simple question to answer.What evidence exists, and what kind [...]

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Ancient Meteorite, Britain’s Biggest, Likely Found Centuries Ago At Druid Burial Site

Feb 10, 2012 by

With a weight that rivals a baby elephant, a meteorite that fell from space some 30,000 years ago is likely Britain’s largest space rock. And after much sleuthing, researchers think they know where it came from and how it survived so long without weathering away. See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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Ancient UFO Relics In Baltic Sea? 2012

Jan 30, 2012 by

Swedish treasure hunters struck upon a mysterious find at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, are these discs crashed UFOs or something else, as always you decide…. See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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Ancient Popcorn Found—Made 2,000 Years Earlier Than Thought in Peru

Jan 20, 2012

Just in time for National Popcorn Day, a new study says that Peruvians were eating the snack thousands of years earlier than thought.   Coastal peoples were preparing corn-based foods up to 6,700 years ago, according to analysis of ancient corncobs, husks, tassels, and stalks recently unearthed at the Paredones and Huaca Prieta archaeological sites [...]

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Ancient Mysteries: Spirit of The Forest

Jan 18, 2012

The Celts worshiped bloodthirsty gods in dark woodland sanctuaries. While evidence suggests that this may be a grimly exaggerated description of the truth, the Celts undoubtedly regarded forests and woodlands as sacred place of power and danger. See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods

Jan 17, 2012

One cannot help but be impressed when first seeing Mt. Shasta. It is a massive and imposing mountain that dominates the landscape for many miles around it. For many people, the mountain also seems to dominate their very inner being with a siren call that stretches out across invisible astral pathways drawing them in through [...]

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Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Tomb of Female Singer in Egypt, First Non-Royal Female

Jan 17, 2012

The Valley of the Kings has brought forth amazing treasure, both archaeological and gold-related, from its over 60 tombs in the Theban Necropolis. Recently, a research team from Switzerland discovered a new tomb that stands apart from all the others. See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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On Pagan Spirituality and the Ancient Mystery Schools

Jan 13, 2012

We had shared an obsession with world mysticism all our lives which recently had led us to explore spirituality in the ancient world. Popular understanding inevitably lags a long way behind the cutting edge of scholarly research and, like most people, we initially had an inaccurate and out-dated view of Paganism.   We had been [...]

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Frequencies Sound + Vibration = Secret Geometry

Jan 13, 2012

Displays the sound using different speed/frequencies changing into Secret geometry…..Using Sand…Ancient Knowledge is coming BACK… See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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Mysterious Mass Sacrifice Found Near Ancient Peru Pyramid

Jan 06, 2012

An apparent ritual mass sacrifice—including decapitations and a royal beer bash—is coming to light near a pre-Inca pyramid, experts say.   Excavations next to the ancient Huaca Las Ventanas pyramid first uncovered bodies in August, and more have been emerging since then from a 50-by-50-foot (15-by-15-meter) pit.   The pyramid is part of the Sicán [...]

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