Ancient Mystery School Symbols of the Illuminati and the New World Order

Dec 28, 2011 by

There are many amazing mystical and mythological mysteries connected to Ancient Mystery Schools, the Illumaniti, the New World Order and the US Founding Fathers chose these symbols to represent their beliefs and their intentions during the formation of the United States government.   The All Seeing Eye, the Eagle, the Liberty Bell, the goddess symbols [...]

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2011′s Top UFO Sightings And News

Dec 28, 2011 by

2011 was a very — watch out, here it comes — out-of-this-world year for UFOs. Every month of the year gave us UFO stories to digest, wonder about, or laugh at — depending on your point of view or belief about UFOs.   Ancient UFOs; scores of videos and photographs; military and government officials offering [...]

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Ancient Texts Part of Earliest Known Documents

Dec 28, 2011 by

A team of scholars has discovered what might be the oldest representation of the Tower of Babel.of Biblical fame, they report in a newly published book.Carved on a black stone, which has already been dubbed the Tower of Babel stele, the inscription dates to 604-562 BCE.   It was found in the collection of Martin [...]

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The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies

Dec 21, 2011

The Ultimate A-Z of Ancient Mysteries, Lost Civilizations and Forgotten Wisdom Journey through the mysterious labyrinth of the world’s secret history… Discover 10,000 years of the shadowy side of history – secret societies from Freemasons to the Bavarian Illuminati, lost civilisations from the Mayans to the mystery of Atlantis, key figures from Leonardo da Vinci [...]

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Is Frequency the Future of Medicine or an Ancient Mystery Revealed?

Dec 12, 2011

It usually takes a well-funded scientific breakthrough or an overwhelming catastrophe to facilitate change that actually makes a difference. People are slow to embrace new scientific information because anything fundamentally different from the status quo intimidates them. Although a major disaster forces transformation, people don?t always adjust willingly. The most profound and permanent way to [...]

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Prehistory’s Mysteries: Gate of the Gods

Dec 09, 2011

Image Source: Ancient Wisdom. There are some mysterious locations around the world which have legendary significance, but they are so old that the actual reasons for their importance never entered recorded history. Archaeologists are left to guess at their purpose and meaning. One of these is the so-called Gate of the Gods in Peru, a strange T-shaped doorway [...]

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Ridley Scott’s New Alien Movie Influenced by Ancient Astronaut Theory | Weird Unexplained, UFO & Paranormal News

Dec 05, 2011

Excitement for Ridley Scott’s latest alien movie, Prometheus, has been heating up. Fascinating new images were recently released and there has been news this week of a trailer being leaked. However, an exciting fact for those who believe extraterrestrials have already visited our humble planet is that Scott says his new movie is influenced by [...]

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Moore Fun

Sep 06, 2011

I recently appeared on The Kevin Moore Show in support of the new Mind, Mystery and Ancient History focused Mindscape Magazine. In case you are not familiar, The Moore show, hosted by Kevin Moore, is a thinking man/woman’s talk show that successfully transitioned from radio to television earlier this year and which currently airs across [...]

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