Is The Human Brain Hardwired for God?

Jun 08, 2012 by

Our Lady of Lourdes appears 18 times to a miller’s daughter collecting firewood in a small market town in France. A young woman leads an army through critical strategic victories in the 100 Years’ War, claiming to be guided by divine insight. In the very first hours of the 20th century, a student asks God [...]

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Is the Sun Speaking Through Synchronicity?

Mar 14, 2012 by

As unsettling as it can sometimes be, I deeply admire the way benevolence speaks to us through synchronicity.Of course the matrix view is that everything happens by chance, there is no guiding flow in a particular direction, we are not cherished beyond measure by the divine. Fortunately some of us know different! So when this [...]

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Gregg Braden – The Language of the Divine Matrix Part 1

Mar 14, 2012 by

Gregg Braden – The Language of the Divine Matrix Part 1… See it on, via Mindscape

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7 Functions of the Pyramid

Jan 31, 2012

The Great Pyramids were built to have 7 functions. Their highest function had to do with the facilitation of divine unity during certain important rituals, the other functions will be thoroughly explained in the video. See it on, via Mindscape

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The Letter “A” and the All-Seeing Eye

Dec 28, 2011

Words and letters seem to contain mystical, even divine significance. Words are symbols of thought turned into information, and then this information can transform matter. Writing can convey subtle and complex ideas, emotions, and concepts. It is the source of art and science. Language and writing are literality immaterial thought manifest into physical reality. It [...]

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