Google Earth uncovers globe’s hidden marvels (AMAZING PHOTOS)

Mar 19, 2012 by

From a blood-red lake in Iraq to a ghostly face in giant rock formations in Canada. A Stratocam web project showcases stunning satellite photos from around the globe, capturing the weirdest and most wonderful of our planet. See it on, via Mindscape

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South Korean and Russian scientists bid to clone mammoth

Mar 15, 2012 by

Russian and South Korean scientists signed a deal on Tuesday on joint research intended to recreate a woolly mammoth, an animal which last walked the earth some 10,000 years ago. See it on, via Mindscape

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2012 The Mayan Word

Mar 12, 2012 by

Everyone is talking about the Mayan Prophecies of 2012. But who is listening to the Maya? This groundbreaking film brings us the oices of the Mayan people as they share their perspectives on the prophecies of their ancestors and their fight to defend Mother Earth and their culture from destruction.   2012 The Mayan Word [...]

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The Ghosts of 107 Billion

Mar 08, 2012

I09 reports that the theory that the living now outnumber the dead is bunk. For every one living person now on Earth, they assume there are 70 ghosts of those who have gone before. And more than 107 billion people have ever walked this planet:There’s a popular claim that the seven billion people alive today [...]

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The World Bank Wants to Reign Over the Ocean

Feb 28, 2012

By utterly corporatizing resources that have through all of time been freely accessible to every human being, the World Bank and the Rothschilds they serve hope to build a framework for total centralization of all means of production and sustenance on Earth. See it on, via Mindscape

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The Coming World Government

Feb 18, 2012

Lucid and aware people observing world events unfold over the past decade or so – say, since September 11, 2001 – will have surely asked themselves what on Earth is going on here? We see ever-growing violence, war, outright lies, invasions, false flags, social upheavals, poverty, ruin and the death of millions… The world’s become [...]

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Life on Earth Began on Land, Not in Sea?

Feb 13, 2012

The first cellular life on Earth probably arose in vats of volcanic mud akin to Darwin’s idea of a “warm little pond,” a new study says. See it on, via Mindscape

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Top 10 Spectacular Natural Phenomena

Feb 08, 2012

Sometimes the modern world can lead to a feeling of disconnection between us and the natural world. As a remedy to this First-World fatigue here are ten of the most spectacular shows the Earth can provide. See it on, via Mindscape

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Strange Sounds Proven by Scientist – Massive Effort to Cover It Up?

Feb 05, 2012

An accredited and renowned scientist Dr. Elchin Khalilov has confirmed the strange sounds are not just a hoax and offers some solid explanations. Dr. Khalilov is geophysicist who works in the area of geodynamics and geotectonics. Basically he studies the way the plates of the Earth move on a global scale and the key dynamics of [...]

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NASA probe sends back its first video of the moon’s ‘dark side’

Feb 05, 2012

Nasa’s twin Grail probes arrived at the moon in early January – and one has just sent back its first video from the ‘dark’ side of the moon, the one we don’t see from Earth. The video shows a flight from the north pole to the south pole of the moon. See it on, [...]

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