The Afterlife Investigations – Movie Feature – The Scole Experiments.

Aug 30, 2012 by

Breakthrough scientific evidence for the afterlife. The Scole Experiments. For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing. These experiments may [...]

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Public Declaration to Police Officers, Civil Servants and other Agents of the Crown of England

Aug 02, 2012 by

On September 15, 2012, an International Common Law Court, duly constituted under the Law of Nations, will be convened to consider evidence and hear charges of Crimes against Humanity brought against the Crown of England, the Vatican and other parties. See it on, via Mindscape Magazine

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Has the Higgs boson been found? Signs point to … almost

Jul 06, 2012 by

Scientists at America’s top particle-physics facility, Fermilab, today revealed their almost-final array of almost-strong evidence for the existence of the elusive Higgs boson — in advance of what’s expected to be the almost-discovery of the subatomic particle at the Large Hadron Collider, almost half a world away. See it on, via Mindscape Magazine

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Battle Has Been Against an Artificial Intelligence and its Human Slaves

Jun 20, 2012

As the old cliché goes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Empirical evidence proves the current financial crisis has been caused by an artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence was born out of a monetary system that was not based in reality but was parasitical on reality. See it on, via Mindscape Magazine

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Scientists find new evidence supporting John the Baptist bones theory

Jun 16, 2012

Scientists have uncovered new evidence that mysterious remains found in an ancient reliquary in a 5th century monastery on Sveti Ivan Island in Bulgaria belong to St John the Baptist. See it on, via Mindscape

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World’s Oldest Cave Art Found—Made by Neanderthals?

Jun 15, 2012

Prehistoric dots and crimson hand stencils on Spanish cave walls are now the world’s oldest known cave art, according to new dating results—perhaps the best evidence yet that Neanderthals were Earth’s first cave painters.If that’s the case, the discovery narrows the cultural distance between us and Neanderthals—and fuels the argument, at least for one scientist, [...]

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Economic Inequality Worse than Previously Thought

Jun 15, 2012

The current debate about rich and poor — the 1 percent versus the 99 percent — is a bit misleading because the evidence usually is data about income, not wealth. Looking at wealth would make the comparison even starker. See it on, via Mindscape

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Jun 05, 2012

How a government wilfully withheld vital evidence from a court of law, deceived its public, orchestrated an unprecedented media campaign, and ruthlessly deployed its organs of state against one of its own citizens.   This is a frightening but entirely true narrative; a grotesque political horror story which is still unfolding today. It exposes what [...]

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The Mystery of Empty Space

Jun 02, 2012

Get ready to re-think your ideas of reality. Join UCSD physicist Kim Griest as he takes you on a fascinating excursion, addressing some of the massive efforts and tantalizing bits of evidence which suggest that what goes on in empty space determines the properties of the three-dimensional existence we know and love, and discusses how [...]

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Music: It’s in your head, changing your brain

Jun 02, 2012

“I think there’s enough evidence to say that musical experience, musical exposure, musical training, all of those things change your brain,” says Dr. Charles Limb, associate professor of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at Johns Hopkins University. “It allows you to think in a way that you used to not think, and it also [...]

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