FBI Plans to Monitor Facebook and Twitter

Jan 28, 2012 by

Many people post to social media in the expectation that only their friends and followers are reading, which gives them ‘the sense of freedom to say what they want’ without worrying too much about recourse…   The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has quietly released details of plans to continuously monitor the global output of [...]

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Thousands suggest explanations for ancient Jlem carvings

Dec 10, 2011 by

When archeologists are baffled by discoveries, they’re expected to debate complicated theories among other argyle-vest-wearing experts at stuffy conferences held high in ivory towers. But when recent carvings at a Jerusalem site puzzled experts, the archeologists at the City of David site near the Old City took a new approach: Post a mysterious stone carving [...]

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Man arrested for ‘kill and stab’ Facebook threat.

Dec 07, 2011 by

Officers in bullet-proof vests handcuffed the suspect outside the fishmongers in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. See it on Scoop.it, via Mindscape

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