Jul 15, 2012 by

The Plans of the Illuminati to establish the New World Order are exposed. We are anonymous and will prevent the sinister Plans of The Followers of the New World Order Agenda. See it on, via Mindscape Magazine Powered by WPeMatico

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Illuminati Training Video Leaked

Jul 14, 2012 by

New World Order 2012 may become reality. It’s time to wake up. Everybody has an deep inner feeling about things going wrong on this planet. We will explain what’s going on and and what you can do against this sinister agenda.Support us, spread this site all over the world, in Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, [...]

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Illuminati Hell Or Aquarian Heaven?

Jun 20, 2012 by

“In March 1991, Random House published The Seeker’s Handbook – The Complete Guide to Spiritual Pathfinding (TSH). The book was carefully timed to serve the need it defined, a need I identified in the social-spiritual trends of that moment: namely, the need for orientation to, and clarification of, the options presented in the New Age [...]

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McDonalds Illuminati Exposed

Feb 29, 2012

See it on, via Mindscape

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Illumination: the Secret Religion – The Enigma of Existence

Feb 19, 2012

The following article takes ancient Illuminati teachings and presents them in the light of modern philosophical and scientific findings. Many will find this material difficult and obscure. Those who persist may catch glimpses of a new reality. See it on, via Mindscape

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Abraham Hicks – Dealing with Illuminati

Jan 31, 2012

Abraham hicks talks to a fellow who has some serious questions about the Illuminati and a secret order governing the world and the peoples thoughts of the world. See it on, via Mindscape

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BOMBSHELL, For those who insist that the "Illuminati" is a myth

Jan 28, 2012

Lord James of Blackheath describes a Private “Foundation” which has more money than all the governments of the world put together. This “Foundation X” willing to bail out the world “for nothing”. What a lovely sounding old Lord this man is BUT is he seriously this naive? Nevertheless, why is all this so top secret [...]

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Ancient Mystery School Symbols of the Illuminati and the New World Order

Dec 28, 2011

There are many amazing mystical and mythological mysteries connected to Ancient Mystery Schools, the Illumaniti, the New World Order and the US Founding Fathers chose these symbols to represent their beliefs and their intentions during the formation of the United States government.   The All Seeing Eye, the Eagle, the Liberty Bell, the goddess symbols [...]

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Library of Congress: George Washington Warns of Illuminati

Dec 26, 2011

The first President of the United States, George Washington believed that the Illuminati intended to separate the people from their government in his letters in the Library of Congress. The original manuscript is on the Library of Congress website. Here is the text as written verbatim: See it on, via Mindscape

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United States Presidents and The Illuminati

Dec 17, 2011

I have always seen list’s of famous Masons. To just look at the name means very little. When you date and place those names in the proper time line and placement of power you begin to see the deception and vastness of this power elite. What will shock you even more is to learn who [...]

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