Modern Lifestyles And The Devolution Of The Human Species

Sep 04, 2012 by

The connections between the rising rates of chronic disease and the production and consumption of modern foods can no longer be ignored. Our food supply is not healthy, nor is it sustainable. It has changed so dramatically that we have yet to adapt to the changes. Our food supply has been completely adulterated over the [...]

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Ten Methods of Modern Mind Control

Jul 06, 2012 by

The more one researches mind control, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script that has been in place for a very long time with the goal to turn the human race into non-thinking automatons.For as long as man has pursued power over the masses, mind control has been [...]

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Buddhism: Science of the Mind

Jun 20, 2012 by

Religion and science have long been been at odds with each other, that is, until Buddhism came along. In fact, some might even say that Buddhism and science were cut from the same cloth.   “Modern science initiated a deep spiritual crisis that led to an unfortunate split between faith and reason—a split yet to [...]

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Spain Cave Paintings May Pre-Date Modern Man

Jun 18, 2012

Stone Age cave paintings thought to be the oldest in the world are so ancient they may not have been created by modern man.A new study has found the symbols – in 11 caves in northern Spain – are up to 41,000-years-old. See it on, via Mindscape

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The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies Which Have Influenced Modern Masonic Symbolism

Feb 28, 2012

WHEN confronted with a problem involving the use of the reasoning faculties, individuals of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon the question. Those of immature mentality, on the other hand, when similarly confronted, are overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle [...]

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The search for the God particle goes beyond mere physics

Dec 16, 2011

The God particle — really the Higgs boson — still resists confirmation, though scientists at the Large Hadron Collider recently reported “tantalizing hints” of its existence. They also reject the notion that their search has anything to do with God, which is only technically true. Modern physics can explain just about everything, except why anything [...]

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The Occultist: Occult Wisdom or Modern Science: You decide.

Dec 02, 2011

I was talking to a friend recently about places where advanced science and occult concepts overlap. Why do occultists still look at outdated modes of thought and “magical thinking” when modern science has obviously “proven them wrong?”The answer is that modern science has not discounted magical or occultic thinking, it only cautions that testable methods [...]

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