True History of Marijuana Full Movie

Jul 25, 2012 by

Cannabis has an incredible number of uses:- Industrial TextilesConsumer TextilesPaperBuilding MaterialsFoodsBiofuel The biofuel could pose a serious threat to the energy industry. Hemp seed (from its non THC cousin, the hemp plant) can be used as a food since it contains complete protein (ie all essential amino acids) and all Essential Fatty Acids. THIS ALONE [...]

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The Rise of Psychopaths in US Governance

Apr 16, 2012 by

As any intelligent observer surveys the world’s economic and political landscape, he has to be disturbed – even dismayed and a bit frightened – by the gravity and number of problems that mark the horizon. We’re confronted by economic depression, looming financial chaos, serious currency inflation, onerous taxation, crippling regulation, developing police states and, worst [...]

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Hawking Is Spreading Disinformation Says Former Canadian Minister Of Defense – with video

Mar 11, 2012 by

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense is an outspoken man who has no doubts UFOs are real alien spaceship.Over the years he has made a number of public interviews and expressed his concern about a future intergalactic war. Hellyer has also shown his disappointment in Stephen Hawking who according to Hellyer is spreading disinformation [...]

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Continuing Evidence For Landbridges And Longrange Oceanic Crossings in Ancient Times

Feb 29, 2012

When proponents of neo-Darwinism “speculate” about the “luck” and “chance” needed to explain this “amazing” phenomenon and “challenging” biegeographical data, it’s clear that they are lacking reasonable explanations. Yet rafting or other means of “oceanic dispersal” have been suggested to solve a number of other biogeographical conundrums that challenge neo-Darwinism. See it on, via [...]

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Hackers to launch pirate satellite to help build pirate Internet

Jan 07, 2012

Driven reportedly more by the effort of entertainment companies to police their content and punish those who infringe copyrights than by the increasing number of countries adding further restrictions on what their people can or can’t do online, a group of German hackers is trying to start a movement to build a communications satellite that [...]

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A Different Perspective: The FBI Memo and Roswell

Dec 12, 2011

Over the decades, a few documents relating to the Roswell UFO crash (or the Roswell events if you wish to remove UFO from the discussion) have been found. One of those developed after Army Brigadier General George F. Schulgen asked for FBI help “…in locating and questioning individuals who first sighted the so-called flying discs…” [...]

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11:11 and 11-11-11

Nov 12, 2011

Westerners have a fascination with certain numbers and November 11th, 2011 or 11-11-11 is a prime example of Western numerological mystique. The number seven is thought to be lucky and the number 13 unlucky, but what about the number 11 or more precisely 11:11 and now 11-11-11. See it on, via Mindscape

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The Druids And King Arthur

Apr 28, 2011

I don’t socialise or correspond exclusively with people who share my fascination with the distant past. In my experience, everyone’s heard of Stonehenge, the Druids, the Roman invasion(s) and King Arthur, but far fewer have heard of Avebury, Silbury Hill or Vortigern, while that number dwindles further at the mention of the Cursus, Vespasian’s Camp [...]

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