The Cancer Business

Jul 25, 2012 by

In Britain, at the present time, around one third of general hospital patients are suffering from cancer. Two out of five of the population have, or will develop, the disease.   If we accept the figures, for cancer incidence, of 30 percent in 1980, 40 percent now and 50 percent in the year 2010, at [...]

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"Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin

Jul 21, 2012 by

Do telepathy, clairvoyance and other “psi” abilities exist? The majority of the general population believes that they do, and yet fewer than one percent of mainstream academic institutions have any faculty known for their interest in these frequently reported experiences. Why is a topic of enduring and widespread interest met with such resounding silence in [...]

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How Do Genetically Modified Foods Affect Your Health?

Jul 02, 2012 by

Genetically engineered ingredients show up in most of the processed foods in your shopping cart. Yet their long-term health effects remain unknown. The debate: Should those ingredients be labeled? You don’t have to look hard to find genetically modified food on supermarket shelves: More than 85 percent of the corn and soy grown in the [...]

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Economic Inequality Worse than Previously Thought

Jun 15, 2012

The current debate about rich and poor — the 1 percent versus the 99 percent — is a bit misleading because the evidence usually is data about income, not wealth. Looking at wealth would make the comparison even starker. See it on, via Mindscape

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Cholesterol: Foods to Lower Your Numbers

Jun 15, 2012

Everyone knows “something” about it, but mostly cholesterol is associated in our mind with something “bad” and “unwanted” that happens to old and overweight people. The facts show that about 20 percent of the U.S. population has high blood cholesterol levels. Actually cholesterol is a waxy, fatlike substance (lipid) that your body needs for many [...]

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ADHD: Misdiagnosed and Overmedicated

Jun 08, 2012

In one school in San Diego, 65 percent of fifth graders had been diagnosed with ADD and put on medications. Even “normal” kids are subject to random drugging so they act like the adults in charge of them want them to… dull, placid, and compliant. See it on, via Mindscape

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The Great Escape: Gene-altered Crops Grow Wild

Feb 05, 2012

Throughout North Dakota, little yellow flowers dot thousands of miles of roadsides. These canola plants, found along most major trucking routes, look harmless.   But they are fueling a controversy: They prove that large numbers of genetically modified plants have escaped from farm fields and are now growing wild. About 80 percent of canola growing [...]

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How They Lie to You About the Cost of Groceries

Feb 03, 2012

If you are the member of your family doing the grocery shopping, you’re certainly aware that food prices are rising every month, and fast. You also may be wondering “why isn’t this news?” Indeed, if you hear anything at all in the media about inflation, you’re told that inflation is stable at a manageable 1 [...]

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Cannabis Investment: An Industry Primed for Growth

Dec 08, 2011

If you thought cannabis investment was only a teenage pastime, think again. Hemp and medicinal cannabis are both tried and tested money-making industries, and both are moving at a fast pace. For those on the lookout for unusual investment opportunities—particularly in construction and pharmaceuticals—this could be a growing market. Although industrial hemp contains less than [...]

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