Top 10 Secretly Connected Topics

Jul 11, 2012 by

If you are looking for an article that examines a wide range of topics and controversial subjects then this list is for you. The world is full of people, ideas, laws, theories, and events that are secretly connected in some way; events that show a causal relationship or common factor. For a wide variety of [...]

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The War on Poverty: $15 Trillion and Nothing to Show for It

Jun 27, 2012 by

Fifteen trillion dollars: That’s how much American taxpayers have forked over in the name of helping the poor since 1964. And what do we have to show for it? A poverty rate that has barely budged, an entrenched bureaucracy, and a population — like that of Greece and Portugal, two welfare-state basket cases — increasingly [...]

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Are Pet Psychics Real?

Apr 26, 2012 by

Many people claim to be able to communicate psychically with animals, but what does the evidence show? See it on, via Mindscape

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Weed Wars: Medical Marijuana Hits Reality TV

Dec 26, 2011

Most of our patients and our staff were really skeptical about doing a reality TV show because they were watching Jersey Shore and The Kardashians, says Andrew DeAngelo, general manager of Oakland, California’s Harborside Health… See it on, via Mindscape

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Night Moves Nostalgia

Dec 02, 2011

Image Source: Convivium. Back in the mid-to-late 1980s, when saxophones were the height of cool, a broadcaster in the Canadian city of Toronto called GLOBAL TV ended every day with a program called Night Moves; they also did related shows called Night Music and Night Walk. The shows ran after regular programming instead of a test pattern and were mesmerizing favourites of local [...]

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