Gobekli Tepe: Proto-Indo-European Settlement

Jan 06, 2012 by

40 ton megaliths, carbon-dating shows that the complex is about 12,000 years old, that means it was built around 10,000BC. By comparison, Stonehenge was built in 3,000 BC and the pyramids of Giza in 2,500 BC. Gobekli is thus the oldest such site in the world, by a mind-numbing margin. It is so old that [...]

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Massive 1,100+ year old Maya site discovered in Georgia’s mountains

Dec 22, 2011 by

Around the year 800 AD the flourishing Maya civilization of Central America suddenly began a rapid collapse. A series of catastrophic volcanic eruptions were followed by two long periods of extreme drought conditions and unending wars between city states. Cities and agricultural villages in the fertile, abundantly watered, Maya Highlands were the first to be [...]

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Frozen Moments

Dec 19, 2011 by

A teenage photographer from Tokyo, Natsumi Hayashi, has made a big name for herself since September 2010, when she started posting photos of herself on her blog while 'levitating.' Acutally, she jumps hundreds of times in one spot until she gets a perfect photo while midair, which makes it look like she is flying. (Image sources: [...]

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Thousands suggest explanations for ancient Jlem carvings

Dec 10, 2011

When archeologists are baffled by discoveries, they’re expected to debate complicated theories among other argyle-vest-wearing experts at stuffy conferences held high in ivory towers. But when recent carvings at a Jerusalem site puzzled experts, the archeologists at the City of David site near the Old City took a new approach: Post a mysterious stone carving [...]

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236-year-old statues speak from the forest

Dec 08, 2011

The over 1,500 Esie soapstone statues were discovered in mysterious circumstances in the thick forest in 1775. The site of the images was said to have been at a distance of about 300 metres from the inhabited parts of the town. About 236 years after the historic event, which positively altered the fate and fame [...]

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Should monuments be lit at night?

Dec 01, 2011

Calls for Stonehenge to be lit at night are being resisted by stargazers. Is it really necessary to illuminate a monument? Stonehenge is one of the most recognisable ancient monuments in the world. But if you’re driving along the A303 at night, the site is shrouded in darkness. A debate has opened up on the [...]

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Dragon Swansong

Nov 25, 2011

All images here are © Elizabeth Littman. Farewell, Anne McCaffrey. Until a couple of weeks ago, she was still answering fans’ questions on her site.

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Dead Of Night Productions — Dennis Price – Author

Nov 08, 2011

Dennis Price – Mindscape Author Aside from his work on Stonehenge, he’s perhaps best known as the author of the ground-breaking book The Missing Years Of Jesus, which is presented and detailed elsewhere on his site. Most of Dennis’s time is spent burning the midnight oil in his candle-lit, book-lined study, but he regularly visits London [...]

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Anne the Elephant and the Power of Love

Mar 29, 2011

A few days ago, I wrote on the Mindscape site about the terrible plight of Anne, Britain’s last remaining circus elephant, pictured on the left, after The Animal Defenders International charity secretly filmed this poor old lady being kicked, beaten, stabbed and tortured at the winter quarters of Bobby Roberts Circus in Polebrook, Northamptonshire. Unsurprisingly, [...]

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The Furthest Ends of Africa

Mar 22, 2011

I’ve conducted many studies into different aspects of Stonehenge; apart from the ruins themselves, one thing that all these investigations have had in common is sheer amount of work and preparation went into them beforehand. There are four or five still waiting to be completed in the archives, and I don’t doubt for a moment [...]

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