Study Finds One Percent of Human Genes Switched Off

Feb 20, 2012 by

Scientists studying the human genome have found that each of us is carrying around 20 genes that have been completely inactivated, suggesting that not all switched-off genes are harmful to health. See it on, via Mindscape

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Revealed, the esoteric interests of Britain’s greatest scientist: Sir Isaac Newton’s occult and theological writings posted online

Feb 18, 2012 by

He laid the foundations of classical physics and is considered to be one of the greatest scientists of all time.   But Sir Isaac Newton was also deeply interested in the occult and applied a scientific approach to the study of scripture and Jewish mysticism. Now Israel’s national library, which contains a vast trove of [...]

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Ancient Popcorn Found—Made 2,000 Years Earlier Than Thought in Peru

Jan 20, 2012 by

Just in time for National Popcorn Day, a new study says that Peruvians were eating the snack thousands of years earlier than thought.   Coastal peoples were preparing corn-based foods up to 6,700 years ago, according to analysis of ancient corncobs, husks, tassels, and stalks recently unearthed at the Paredones and Huaca Prieta archaeological sites [...]

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Lifestyle Is Main Influence On How The Mind Ages

Jan 20, 2012

The way in which a person’s mind ages, is largely down to lifestyle factors, not genetics, a study has shown.   Researchers found genetic factors only account for 24% of changes in intelligence, suggesting environmental factors have the biggest influence on whether a person’s mind remains sharp in old age. The study, conducted by research [...]

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Oldest Art in Americas Found on Mammoth Bone

Jan 18, 2012

The Americas’ earliest known artist was an Ice Age hunter in what is now Florida, a new study confirms.   The carved bone, which depicts a walking mammoth, was found near Vero Beach in east-central Florida in 2006 or 2007. (See a map of the region.) Since its discovery, scientists have been working to determine [...]

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Study: Placebo performs as well as antidepressant drugs in treating depression

Jan 13, 2012

The more that researchers truly study the effects of antidepressant drugs on depression patients, the more it becomes painfully obvious that these mind-altering medications are utterly useless. A new study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has revealed that antidepressant drugs work no better than talk therapy, placebo pills, or basically anything [...]

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Flu Vaccine Worsens Flu-Fighting & Cancer-Fighting Immunity in Children

Dec 28, 2011

In a just-published shocking study virology researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands have demonstrated that a regular flu vaccine in children actually worsens a key aspect of their flu-fighting immune system.   This research was not conducted by vaccine-disliking scientists. Rather, it was conducted by pro-vaccine researchers who have spent their careers [...]

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The Dark Messiah

Dec 21, 2011

As usual, Brian Allan looks at old problems, not just through a new lense of understanding, but through a new prism: a prism which breaks down old paradigms to filter them into a variety of possibilities and new interpretations of data. The study of comparative religion receives a much-needed update within the pages of this [...]

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Indian study proves that fluoride consumption causes brain, neurological damage

Dec 16, 2011

Indian study proves that fluoride consumption causes brain, neurological damage. Consuming sodium fluoride, a toxic chemical commonly added to US water supplies to allegedly help prevent tooth decay, definitively causes neurodegenerative damage in the brain, spinal cord, and sciatic nerve. Repeated exposure to fluoride chemicals in test rats was found to lower body weights; reduce the [...]

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The Big Study: FAERIE?

Nov 24, 2011

A small data-set indicating the possibility that folkloric entities or something very much like them could be real. See it on, via Mindscape

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