Episodes – Brain Science Podcast

Sep 26, 2012 by

Dr. Campbell is an experienced emergency physician with a long-standing interest in mind-body medicine, the brain, and consciousness. In this podcast she shares recent discoveries from the world of neuroscience in a way that people of all backgrounds can enjoy. Dr. Campbell believes that understanding how the brain works gives us insight into what makes [...]

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The Ghost in the Machine: Unraveling the Mystery of Consciousness

Jul 16, 2012 by

A funny thing happened with the invention of fMRI imaging. Rather than explaining away the mysteries of human experience, the technology that made it possible to visualize and map brain activity for the first time only further complicated our understanding of how the mind works. Yes, we can say with an amazing degree of certainty [...]

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Immune cells gobble up healthy but idle brain cells

Jun 02, 2012 by

USE it or lose it: a class of immune cell demolishes idle circuits and connections in the brain, even a healthy one. Understanding more about the process could help prevent the onset of degenerative brain diseases.   Until now, microglia have been dismissed as simple immune cells that do little more than protect brain cells [...]

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Equinox Synchronicity

Mar 21, 2012

“In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox arrives at 5:14 a.m. GMT (UT); in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the Autumnal Equinox today. The Equinox is known as the time of year when day and night are equal. This is not precisely true, but it is the popular understanding of the Equinox. Rather than discuss [...]

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The Loopy Nature of Consciousness

Mar 21, 2012

At first, Crick believed the mysteries of consciousness would be solved with a striking insight, similar to the way the DNA double helix structure explained heredity’s mechanisms. But after a while he realized that consciousness posed a much tougher problem. Understanding DNA was easier because it appeared in life’s history sooner; the double helix template [...]

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Brian Greene: The universe on a string

Feb 18, 2012

In clear, nontechnical language, string theorist Brian Greene explains how our understanding of the universe has evolved from Einstein’s notions of gravity and space-time to superstring theory, where minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe. (This mind-bending theory may soon be put to the test at [...]

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The Properties of Consciousness

Feb 14, 2012

Consciousness is the hard problem.  Philosophers speculate on it, scientists work around it, but an actual detailed explanation of consciousness has eluded mankind.  Think of this essay as an exploration. I may not get it right, but this is a journey, not a destination. There are many reasons for the challenge of understanding, starting with [...]

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A Filter Model of Consciousness

Feb 03, 2012

A filter model of consciousness is a different way of understanding how consciousness works. In current models of consciousness, the brain receives input from its environment and reacts to it. What you see is what you get. Daydreaming, hallucinations and such things are generated within the mind.   In the filter model of consciousness, the [...]

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The Magic of Consciousness

Jan 28, 2012

Daniel Dennett is Fletcher Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University.   Here Professor Dennett lectures on the philosophical obstacles to understanding consciousness. This lecture includes topics covered in detail in his wonderful books “Consciousness Explained” and “Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness”.. See it [...]

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Cambridge Coincidences Collection | Understanding Uncertainty

Jan 18, 2012

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!   Why? By recording your coincidence stories here, you can help him build a picture of what kinds of coincidences are out there and which ones seem to ‘get to’ us the most. Your coincidence stories can also help him explore the scientific [...]

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