Prescription Drugs Now Kill More People than Illegal Drugs

Jul 25, 2012 by

Death by medicine is a 21st-century epidemic, and America’s “war on drugs” is clearly directed at the wrong enemy!   Prescription drugs are now killing far more people than illegal drugs, and while most major causes of preventable deaths are declining, those from prescription drug use are increasing, an analysis of recently released data from [...]

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Psychedelic Thought Crime

Jun 23, 2012 by

A Singapore-based language and linguistics professor from China is facing an investigation by the National University of Singapore for making comments supportive of psychedelic use.   In a personal blog post, Associate Professor Shi Yuzhi commented on Steve Jobs’ use of LSD, mentioning: “Can this society be more open … to not immediately dismiss the [...]

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‘Online snooping’ scheme expected to cost at least £1.8bn

Jun 16, 2012 by

Home Office reveals pricetag for tracking emails, phone use and Facebook and Twitter accounts as Theresa May attacks critics as ‘conspiracy theorists’.   The government’s “online snooping” scheme to track email, Facebook, Twitter and other web use comes with an official pricetag of at least £1.8bn and an official warning that the figure may well [...]

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‘Baking soda’ cancer talks barred

May 13, 2012

A conference featuring a doctor who says cancer can be treated using baking soda is postponed when a Devon council withdraws the use of the meeting hall. See it on, via Mindscape

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Seth Lloyd on Quantum Life

Apr 26, 2012

Big Ideas presents Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology on Quantum Life, how organisms have evolved to make use of quantum effects. See it on, via Mindscape

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The CIA’s War On Human Consciousness

Mar 27, 2012

“From 1950 to 1962, the C.I.A. ran a massive research project, a veritable Manhattan Project of the mind, spending over $1 billion a year to crack the code of human consciousness, from both mass persuasion and the use of coercion in individual… See it on, via Mindscape

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Terminal cancer patient kicked out of hospital for medical marijuana use,

Mar 14, 2012

Angel Raich has become somewhat famous for her courageous fight against the government of the United States which opposes allowing Raich access to her much-needed medication. Back in 2004 and 2005 Raich brought her fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court where she argued for the right to use medical cannabis. Unfortunately [...]

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Adam Ostrow: After your final status update

Feb 28, 2012

“By the end of this year, there’ll be nearly a billion people on this planet that actively use social networking sites. The one thing that all of them have in common is that they’re going to die.” (Adam Ostrow)”   Many of us have a social media presence — a virtual personality made up of [...]

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New Implantable Microchips to Medicate Patients

Feb 18, 2012

Microtechnology is on the horizon and offers a new frontier of possibilities in many aspects of human life.   While there are twofold implications for this application of technology, its potential use for medical application has been the subject of recent attention. Individuals who receive daily injections for medicine could instead rely on an implantable [...]

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Did Ancient Humans Have Knowledge of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum?

Feb 10, 2012

It has been suggested, at various times, that ancient humans had knowledge and use of unseen powers, forces and energy fields. Could these unseen forces and fields consist of electromagnetic frequency waves and particle fields that make up the EM Spectrum?   This is not a simple question to answer.What evidence exists, and what kind [...]

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