Mystical Brain

Mar 21, 2012 by

This short documentary reveals the exploratory work of a team from the University of Montreal who seek to understand the states of grace experienced by mystics and those who meditate. Filmmaker Isabelle Raynauld offers up scientific research that suggests that mystical ecstasy is a transformative experience and could contribute to people’s psychic and physical health, [...]

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Study shows how the brain responds to deceptive advertising (3/11/2012)

Mar 11, 2012 by

Several specific regions of our brains are activated in a two-part process when we are exposed to deceptive advertising, according to new research conducted by a North Carolina State University professor. The work opens the door to further research that could help us understand how brain injury and aging may affect our susceptibility to fraud [...]

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A= 432 Hz Pythagorean Tuning, Solfeggio, Phi, Sacred Geometry

Feb 29, 2012 by

The 432Hz is found every where in nature and the cosmos as well as in the work of Vernon Jenkins, Pythagoras, Joseph Puleo and Marko Rodin. See it on, via Mindscape

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‘The oldest work of art ever’: 42,000-year-old paintings of seals found in Spanish cave

Feb 10, 2012

The six paintings found in the Nerja Caves, 35miles east of Malaga, are at least 42,000 years old and are the only known artistic images created by Neanderthal man, scientists believe. See it on, via Mindscape

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Mars Anomaly Research

Jan 26, 2012

When evidence is drawn right from the official science data, verifiable there, and thereby tough to criticize directly, a typical alternative tactic is to question the originator’s personal qualifications to do such work.   By casting dispersions on the originator, you infer that his work is also problematic. The presumption is that only trained scientists [...]

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Spiders’ Hundreds of Fine Hairs Are Hundreds of Ears

Dec 17, 2011

Tiny hunting spiders can not only watch your every move, but they can feel those moves, and that of their prey, through the air.How their tiny specialized hairs do it has puzzled researchers for decades, but one team of scientists may have found a break. Their physics-focused work suggests each hair acts like a single, [...]

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Secret gates of Great Pyramid to be opened in 2012

Dec 16, 2011

The secret gates at the heart of the Great Pyramid may be opened for the first time in 2012, a British robot company believes – solving a mystery that has puzzled archaeologists since 1872. Scoutek UK had already begun exploring behind the gates earlier this year – and produced the first-ever images from behind the [...]

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Magick, Music and Ritual

Nov 25, 2011

Please join the Hermetic Library in thanking and promoting these artists who have contributed their work to this benefit anthology album project by picking up this pre-release, along with the bonus track. Please also spread the word to people you think may be interested in the work of artists who combine magick, music and ritual. [...]

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Sir Isaac Newton’s Occult Studies Online

Nov 25, 2011

Newton's accidentally dog set fire to 20 years' of the great man's work. Image Source: Wiki. Caption for the above image:  Artist's engraving [by Morel from 1874] of apocryphal story of Newton's pet dog knocking over a candle and setting fire to his papers. Sir Isaac Newton had on his table a pile of papers [...]

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Andrew Gough’s Arcadia

Nov 09, 2011

The website of Mindscape Editor – Andrew Gough   “Arcadia provides a perspective on history’s mysteries. And while it features my writing, research and insights, it also showcases the new and fascinating ideas of others, both in the Forum and in Guest Articles. Want to share your work? Well then, this is your chance. …

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